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Gucci Envy

The fashion house of Gucci has launched the perfume Envy in 1997. It is the first one from the series with the same name. In 2004 the Envy Me appear while in 2006 – Envy Me 2. With its appearance the Envy becomes one of the most interesting and provocative scents for its time. The perfumer that has created this fragrance is Maurice Roucel.
There are several commercial campaigns. Each one of them is scandalous. The head of a model is falling down while it is playing a pursuer of a naked woman instead of staying behind the showcase – things that we are all used to seeing and letting them attract out attention. The fronts of the advertising campaign are the African model Georgina Grenville, the American model Kelly Steward, along with the British models Carolyn Park-Chapman and Janet Dunning (which apart from being a model is also interested in photography). The current face of Gucci Envy is the beautiful Hana Soukupova.

Gucci Flora

Gucci Flora has been launched in April 2009. It is the second fragrance after Gucci by Gucci, that has been created under the management of the fashion house that belongs to Giannini from Florence. The perfumers that are responsible for the mixture are from the Firmenich.
The Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw is participating in the commercial campaign in presenting the Gucci Flora. The pictures for the advertisement have been taken by the photographer Chris Cunningham. The commercial has been taken in Latvia on a large field with more than 40 000 flowers. Abbey Lee Kershaw is dressed in a long silk dress with floral ornaments. She is fascinated by the flowers around her. Inhales the scent of a white rose and the fragrance inspires her in a way that she starts dancing under the rhythms with the wind and the music. For the background they have used the hit “I feel love” of Donna Summer. Inez&Vinoodh have modified the commercial using a floral imprint.

Hugo Boss Deep Red

The Deep Red perfume has been launched by the fashion house of Hugo Boss in 2001. In 2002 there are two commercials where the Belgium model Anouck Lepere and the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers take part in. The idea is really amazing. In the first one Anouck Lepere enters a hall where there is a swimming pool and starts lightening the man swimming in it with a red lamp. She dips her leg into the water when he gets out of the pool and they stare passionately at each other. The end is with the Deep Red bottle half dipped into the pool. The second commercial is where Anouck Lepere is sitting on a chair in the bedroom while Jonathan Rhys Meyers is sleeping in his bed. She lights him with the lamp until he wakes up. Then she just approaches him. The texts are saying – Shall we always wait for the men to step up first? The general idea in both of the ads is that the perfume inspires and gives you confidence to do what you want to. Even more – it is dare enough so that you will never remain unnoticed.

Gucci Gucci by Gucci

The Gucci by Gucci perfume is named this easy to remember way as the idea was to turn into the main women fragrance of the company. The perfumer Ilias Ermenidis is the one that has created it. The fashion house of Gucci has launched Gucci by Gucci in 2007. The commercial of this fragrance is directed by David Lynch. The music involved as a background is of Blondie, and the song’s title is Heart of Glass. The Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is taking part in the video along with the Russian model Natasha Poly and the Brazilian model Raquel Zimmerman. The colors in the commercial along with the clothes of the three beautiful ladies are brown and golden – reminding the vision of Gucci by Gucci‘s bottle. The models are having fun, dancing somehow captured by the beautiful fragrance.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Always accurate, he is the designer of the shoes with high platforms, women sandals and their contemporary model with high heels and cork soles. Along with that he has invented many other innovations. The stats are showing that around 1960 he can be proud of the above 350 patents of shoe related innovations. He has won the prize ‘Neiman marcus’ (1947) that has never been won by a shoemaker before that – only designers of clothes.